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The evolution of dear leone

Mar 25, 2024

The journey of Dear Leone is like weaving a tapestry of love, intention, and curated beauty.

Back in 2019, I ventured into the world of creating spaces that breathed intention and aesthetics, giving birth to what was then Honeyfig, a venture into the art of picnics and the joy of gathering.

It was that very year when a couple reached out, seeking my touch to style their wedding – a beautiful, minimalist, and intimate affair. Little did I know, that single request would become the catalyst for the evolution of Dear Leone. From picnics to considered and thoughtful events, specialising in weddings and elopements became the heart and soul of this journey.

In 2021, a pivotal year, I embarked on a significant rebranding journey, crystallising my signature style and carving out a niche that reflected the essence of Dear Leone. To mark this transformative moment, an editorial styled shoot unfolded, introducing the world to the new name and brand.

Dear Leone is not just about my creative flair; it’s about crafting truly wholesome, seamless, and poetic experiences for couples near and far. Each piece of my work is a reflection of the service and experience I wish couples to feel – a series of carefully curated moments, creating the most heartfelt and one-of-a-kind experiences.

It’s not merely aesthetics; it’s not just about planning. Dear Leone is about forging meaningful, authentic connections that resonate deeply with every single couple I have the privilege to work with. It’s about crafting an experience that goes beyond the surface and delves into the profound, creating memories that echo with genuine connection and love.

The evolution of Dear Leone is not just a business journey; it’s a personal odyssey, a love story woven into each event, each celebration, and each cherished moment. And it’s a journey that continues to unfold, one heartfelt story at a time.



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