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An interview with Rachel Vasicek; owner and creative director of Francesca.

Mar 25, 2024

1. In our initial meeting, I was captivated by your vision for a wedding that seamlessly blended unique artistry with classic elegance. As a creative mind in the world of jewellery design, could you share why leaving a distinctive mark on your wedding was particularly significant to you?

As a creative there are so many wild directions I could have taken my wedding and gone super overboard. I had to constantly remind myself that this day had to reflect above anything else Dave and my personalities as well as being a timeless event. Where this landed us was this fine balance of classic romance and touches of personalised artwork. It was important to me that these elements of creativity were present on the day to reflect my love for art and individuality.

2. The final aesthetic of your wedding was truly one-of-a-kind. Can you delve into how the collaboration between you and Dear Leone successfully achieved this distinctive and unique look? What key elements played a pivotal role in hitting the mark?

Like any collaboration there comes a time where you have to let go and trust the creative process and Dear Leone & her team of vendors excelled here. It’s one thing to have a creative vision and some ideas and it’s a whole other thing to actually execute it. It was through many little coffee catch ups that we teased out the overall feel of the day and pinpointed the details that were required to make it happen.

One of the key last minute elements was definitely the collaboration with my cousin’s artwork Jai Vasicek. Gelisa and I had toyed with the idea of a patterned table cloth and without much luck sourcing fabric that suited the brief we landed with the genius idea to ask Jai. He’s so busy on the best of days so I wasn’t sure we would pull it off but as he flew in to be a guest he handed over the masterpiece.

Another element was the custom bar – my goodness it was stunning. Hobart is so lucky to have this new show stopping item available to them, it really balanced and framed the room. It would have been incomplete without Lani from The Romantics incredible floral installation. 

One last fine detail that I loved was my custom artwork of Dave and my love story. It was subtly placed throughout the creatives, from our website to the menus and large decal behind the bar.

3. The collaborative process between you and Dear Leone was evidently a creative journey. How crucial is it to work closely with someone who not only understands your vision but also connects with you on a personal level? What impact did this synergy have on the overall outcome of your wedding?

To me above all else it was crucial that I loved the people we worked with on our day! At the end of the day if you don’t get along with the people you’re working with it’s going to be a headache from day one. It’s stressful enough planning a wedding so you may as well ensure you’re having fun with all your vendors. From the moment you enquire with a vendor the energy should be warm and exciting. I remember the first zoom I had with Gelisa and walking away genuinely excited knowing this wasn’t just going to be a transactional experience but one that would form a lifelong friendship and mutual celebration of our creative work and also Dave and my special day.

4. Coordinating the release of your Francesca bridal collection alongside your wedding, which was a major campaign, must have been a significant undertaking. Can you shed light on how you managed this dual responsibility as a designer and a bride?

This was definitely a huge part of the lead up to the wedding and at times stressful! As a jewellery designer it goes without saying that I wanted to wear my own special creations on my day, something that I could pass down generations and share the story with others. It did however add a level of work that most brides wouldn’t have which is why Gelisa was so crucial to the success of our day.

Running a business as the creative director is essentially like planning a wedding every day for different campaigns and I knew I would hit burn out if I took on the project of a wedding alone. Gelisa taking care of the wedding details and organisation allowed me to design my jewellery and share it with our very invested audience. The wedding then doubled as a real bride campaign and two months later the collection launched to the public. It was a really momentous time both for my career and personal life.

5. As a designer yourself, you brought personal elements into your wedding that truly reflected your and Dave’s essence. Could you elaborate on why infusing these personalised touches was essential to you, and how they added to the overall narrative of your special day?

There were so many little special elements in our day! In true form jewellery was a huge part of this. One of my most exciting secret plans leading up to the wedding was the custom signet ring I had designed to gift Dave on the day. He has always been a fan of rings and I knew I had to do something extra on top of his traditional wedding band. There’s something so special about creating an heirloom that is shown on your wedding day that will be passed down for generations. I personally also had this as I wore my great grandmother’s ring that everyone in my family has worn on their wedding day – I am super sentimental with things like this so creating a tradition for Dave was so beautiful.

For my wedding dress another personal element was the fabric I chose! I chose a beautiful rose lace as a nod to my middle name (Rachel Rose). As a child I was only known as Rosie and I think there’s something beautiful about including your inner child on the day as you step out on such a momentous day of your life. I also included roses in my custom wedding jewellery and of course my stunning flowers from The Romantics.

In terms of personality and ensuring that Dave and my lively spirits were out on the day, not much was more important than bringing the party vibe. It’s funny how sometimes things not going to plan (i.e a rainy day) actually give you an even better outcome. My most favourite memory from the day was dancing from our back up weather location (the conservatory) all the way down to the marquee with Gus the Sax player leading the way. Not much else could reflect the amazing guests and energy of our day other than that moment and it was Gelisa thinking in the moment that created that memory for us.

6. What exciting developments can we anticipate in the future of Francesca Bridal? Are there any upcoming trends or inspirations that will shape the next chapter for your brand?

Francesca bridal will remain a passion project for us! It’s something we have always talked about and actually wholesaling into bridal boutiques being on the horizon. So that will be really exciting to launch and reach more brides nationwide!! I know that blue is running really hot in fashion and it’s already coming through more with bridal, one of the pairs of earrings i designed as an option for my day featured beautiful blue stones and so I hope to see these on some Francesca brides this year! Planner + Stylist: Dear Leone | Lighting & Styling hire items: Dear Leone  Photographer: Lost In Love Photography | Ceremony + Reception Location: Private Property & Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Tasmania | Flora: The Romantics | Marquee: Salters Hire|  Makeup: Jacqui Bradfield  | Hair: Hair by Jasmine Heckenberg | Catering + Beverages: Mossa Cucina | Rachel’s  Dress: Palla Couture| Music/Entertainment: Oberon Lane/Gus Leighton  | Signage & Stationery: Bride design | Bar & Beverage: Punch and Ladle



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