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2020, a year where plans have been and continue to be thrown out the window.
Quite literally. Chuck that holiday to its corner and whilst you’re at it, chuck that wedding to the other.

If you were anything like me, I had planned for the busiest business year yet, holidays in mind and even my own destination wedding booked. And like you and everyone else, those plans have quite rapidly changed and become redundant.

But alas, not all is lost.
Love is not cancelled and nor should it be.

Elopements are not a new thing, but the idea of them certainly has a greater appeal during this time of lockdowns, public health restrictions and borders closing.

But because not all hope is lost, I wanted to put some actionable advice on how you can elope in Tasmania. Especially if this was a route you were now thinking of.

Bear in mind, if an Elopement is unlike anything you have wanted or dreamed of; then it’s totally okay to wait out the storm. Just prepare to take that timeout with as much vino and chocolate in the meantime.

So, you have decided to elope, where do I start?

Aug 20, 2020

1. Choose a wedding planner

There are several wedding planners in Tasmania that have a wealth of experience in assisting couples in getting eloped in wild Tasmania. They also have a wealth of knowledge on venues and accommodations that are perfect for your elopement experience.

The role of your wedding planner is to assist with sourcing the perfect venue or location suited to you, as well as matching you up with the right vendors including but not limited to, Celebrant, Photography, Videography, Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylists and more.

This step is of course optional, but if you want a carefree experience and the best local knowledge then I cannot encourage this more, especially during this time of uncertainty with Covid-19.

Your planner will act as the central point and will liaise with all you vendors. And if plans should need to be altered, they will ensure that proves is as stress free as possible.

And as your wedding planner here at Honeyfig, I provide you a free initial consultation to start discussing the prospects of your elopement and if everything seems to align, we can book you in with us.

2. Choose a location or venue/accommodation

Once you have booked your planner in, they would know from the initial consultation what your style is and how your Elopement should be. Ask yourself these questions:

Do I envision myself getting Eloped on a mountain, in wild with tall grasses, in amongst a rainforest, at the beach with sands between the toes or at sandstone rock cliffs which have been carved out by the raging oceans?

What sort of Accommodation experience am I after?

Do I want a remote experience with boutique food and drink options (on my own island or in the wilderness) or am I after inner-city vibes so that I am closer to restaurants and cafes?

Once you start answering these questions, this will really begin to determine what type of destination experience, location and accommodation is suited best for you.

We have several accommodations that are all perfect for Elopements.

And we have carefully handpicked these locations as they offer diverse options for our couples depending on what you are after, as well as creating ease for you. Imagine Eloping at any of our locations, relaxing with a vino and charcuterie board and those to-die-for sunset glows.

We’ll also be more than happy to organise a private chef to cater a fine dining experience along with a beautifully tailored and styled Sweetheart Table for you to enjoy together alone or with your closest and dearest.

3. Choose your vendors

Depending on the planner you’re working with and if you booked a set Elopement Package, you may already have an allocated vendor team as a part of this (i.e. photographer, celebrant, florist and make up artist and hair stylist).

However, you can also customise an elopement package if you prefer to have more options of vendors or bring your own if you’re after a particular Photographer, Celebrant or MUA.

As your planner connects you with your vendors, you can start to get excited about your looks, styles and colours for your wedding. Depending on the service you have secured with your planner, they can help you organise these details with your vendors for you or you get to take the reigns and plan that dream destination elopement out! It’s completely up to you.

4. Choose a ceremony time

So you have now chosen your vendors and cemented your team; now it’s time to lock in your Ceremony details. Your planner will with yourself, Celebrant, Photographer and Videographer, etc to set your Ceremony time. It is always super important to consider your Ceremony with the season and thinking about whether you want a morning or evening Ceremony time. Plus, if you’re looking at Destination Elopement in Tasmania you need to be prepared for rain, hail or shine!

Remember too, that the Ceremony time will then determine timeline for your day.

You may choose to Elope in the evening so you can then follow up with epic and iconic sunset photos or you may opt for an earlier ceremony- so you can relax and maximise your evening doing something you’d like; whether that’s spending the day in the spa or heading into the wilderness for a hike or a bike ride.

Once your details are set, your Planner will provide a timeline, so you know the details of the days.

*Your planner will not be on-site on the day of your Elopement, unless you have booked on-day coordination on the day of. If you do wish to have your planner on-site or need that additional witness for the Legal’s, then be sure to discuss these Coordination Services further with them.

How To Plan An Elopement In Tasmania

5. Getting Eloped

It’s time and shits getting real. As you share your vows and exchanges of love, imagine as you say, ‘I do’.

Your Ceremony is the most important part of your day and it is the moment when you promise to love on each other through all seasons of life, no matter how challenging they may be.

Now, it’s time to embrace and reflect on how every moment and experience both individually and collectively, has brought you both together in that place and in that moment together.

Embrace it. Soak up every feeling, emotion and vulnerability and enjoy every second of this joyous moment.

Let the world stop around you and for that short time, offer your entire being to that other person, wholeheartedly and vulnerably.

If you are looking to Elope in Tasmania, whether you are a local couple, interstate or international, then let’s connect.

We are your personal Wedding Planners + Stylists who are here to guide you through every step of the way.

We’d love to know more about you and your love story, so get in touch for your free initial consultation now and imagine how your marriage could be.

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